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Our growing process has produced a fascinating story of shapes and flavours. The flavours between varieties are also extremely diverse – from spicy to savoury and sweet, and even with a pronounced hint of citrus or umami. The individual varieties also have a specific texture that helps to determine how they should be used in the kitchen. Our Toma’muse, for example, is the ideal tomato for grilling or eating hot. You can read more about how we ensure maximum flavour in our tomatoes below.

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It isn’t the sun, or the season, that determines the flavour or texture of a tomato, but its DNA, the growing method and the soil. In fact, a tomato’s DNA is ultimately responsible for as much as 70 per cent of the quality of the flavour. That’s why Stoffels Tomatoes searches the world for varieties of tomato that have just the right DNA. It’s important to remember though that flavour is not necessarily synonymous with sweet. There’s a lot more complexity to flavour, including an even balance between sweetness and savoury that is naturally enhanced. Flavour also means a sufficient level of spiciness that evokes associations with other food products. A tomato can have a flavour of citrus or even umami, making it taste extra savoury.


In addition to genetic aspects, the growing method also has an impact on the flavour of heritage tomatoes. A plant could devote much of its energy to producing tomatoes that have very little flavour. Alternatively, it could use that same energy to produce fewer tomatoes with a stronger flavour. Stoffels’ philosophy is to grow less productive but more flavourful varieties of tomato.



Stoffels Tomatoes are grown in organic soil (and not in a water culture as with regular crops) – in potting soil for which growers use a coir substrate containing natural organic life of fungi and bacteria. As with wine, these factors all contribute to a rather distinct terroir. We use beneficials in the form of insects instead of sprays, so our tomatoes can be eaten without having to be washed first.