We aim for 100% taste,
100% natural, 100% stoffels!

Stoffels tomato nursery has been in existence for more than 25 years, during which time it has evolved to become one of the most state-of-the-art tomato businesses in Belgium. We are a business with a clear and identifiable profile. Over recent years, we have deliberately opted for sustainable and innovative tomato growing. We commit passion and dedication to ensure that every day, we push the boundaries, set new standards and improve existing ones, indubitably.

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Quality, taste
& innovation

At Stoffels, we continue to inspire our customers and partners with valuable innovations. We push boundaries with passion, setting new and better standards within the industry. We characterise ourselves as a market-driven producer for whom quality, flavour and innovation are a focus and collaboration with partners is essential.

How does Stoffels

We opt for the best available varieties that are always grown in optimal conditions. By focusing on a short chain, we offer our customers maximum flexibility, while year-round production in Belgium and the Netherlands ensures continuity of supply. We do all of this in the most sustainable way possible, with people and the environment at the heart.